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Conferences & Special Events  

Throughout the year, the Allen County Public Library’s Genealogy Center welcomes conferences, webinars, tours, and similar events to support family history research.  


Upcoming conferences:  


Past events and activities:  


Interested in hosting an event with the ACPL’s Genealogy Center? Contact us today


The Genealogy Center is a world-renowned facility with 42,000 square feet of research space housing more than 1.2 million items in its physical collection and more than 6.2 million items in its free digital collections, making it the largest public library genealogy research center in the United States. Our goal is to make every individual research experience enjoyable and successful. We also work to accomplish the same for events held here. Each year, the Genealogy Center is cited as one of the key tourism features of the region, drawing guests from around the globe.  

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