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Family History Consultations  

Personalized Family History Consultations 

Explore your family's story with the Genealogy Center! Whether you're embarking on your ancestral journey or have been unraveling your family's history for years, we're here to help. 

Discover your roots and unravel family mysteries with 30-minute personalized research consultations at the Genealogy Center. Whether you prefer virtual or in-person assistance, we've got you covered. Our devoted team offers tailored guidance and valuable recommendations, allowing you to dig deeper into your research journey. Book an appointment or drop by as staffing allows – your family's unique tale is waiting to be uncovered. 


During these consultations, Genealogy Center librarians assist everyone from beginners to experienced family researchers with the following and much more. 

  • Understanding the results of DNA tests 

  • Reviewing family records and research that has already been gathered 

  • Developing a research plan 

  • Building an online family tree 

  • Leveraging web research and technology to assist in research 

  • Breaking through your “brick walls” 

Just getting started? Here are some easy first steps:

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